How to Get a Newborn to Sleep in a Crib

Having an infant can be thrilling to the parents as they create merriment to them and even other family members. It is fascinating how babies find comfort while in the hands of their mummies. Holding a baby in your arms instigate coziness which triggers sleep in them most of the hours during the day. Babies sleep for more than 14 hours every day and it might seem like they just fancy sleeping so much.

However, while babies sleep quickly in the comfort of their parents’ arms, it becomes a challenge putting them to sleep in a crib. Getting an infant to sleep on its own has benefits as it may become hard upon attaining six months and above. Even though most parents like to sleep together with their baby and cuddle through the night, it is essential to let the baby learn to sleep on their own.

In this article, we shall provide guidelines on how to get a newborn to sleep in a crib.

Let the baby show sleepiness signs

baby showing signs of sleepiness

Putting the baby in a crib while he is not ready to sleep can be challenging as he is still active. The baby will either play around or cry due to distress as he feels abandoned. This is mostly the case when it is one of the first few times the baby is sleeping in a cot.

You should hence wait for the baby to feel tired and sleepy before taking him to sleep. A sleepy baby will show signs such as yawning, rolling over severally as well as rubbing their eyes. Whenever you notice these signs, know that the baby is ready to sleep, and if then you put him in the crib, he will instantly sleep.

Wrap the baby with garments

We would say that a newborn is used to warmth since he was in the womb and therefore, for him to sleep comfortably, he needs to experience a similar environment. In that case, you should consider wrapping him while taking him to sleep to enhance coziness. Remember that the baby is alone in the crib which he is not used to, and therefore, the wrapping provides the cuddling feeling.

Besides, swaddling provides warmth which is essential for efficient baby’s sleep. Comfort is an essential aspect of sleep, and when sufficient, the baby will sleep without any difficulties.

Warm the crib

We undeniably have the knowledge of the essence of warmth in association to infant’s sleep. For that reason, besides wrapping the baby, we need to find other ways of ensuring a warm sleeping environment for the baby. So, how do you ensure a warm crib before putting the baby there to sleep?

We recommend using techniques such as putting a bottle with warm water in the crib some minute before taking the baby there for sleep. After a short while, when you are sure that the cot is warm enough, you should remove the bottle thence put the baby to sleep.

Schedule the baby’s sleeping time

Getting your baby accustomed to a specific time for sleep can be a great achievement. The period you choose should also be convenient for you as it would be better if you are awake at those times when the baby is awake too; otherwise, he will end up spoiling your moment after waking up.

Getting your baby habitually sleeping at a specified time can also enhance convenience say for instance you are involved in other activities and would like to undertake them.

Familiarize the baby to darkness

Sleeping in darkness can be frightening to most babies causing them not to sleep. It is definite that the most convenient time for you and the baby will be during the night. Therefore, you need to get the baby acquainted to darkness to avoid immense crying in the middle of the night due to shock.

Placing the crib in rooms with some amount could be helpful before introducing the baby to pitch dark rooms. At night, maintain quietness to avoid waking the baby.

Place the crib close to you

baby in crib close to parent's bed

Indeed, the baby is used to your presence, and that is what mostly puts him to sleep. Therefore, you should ensure that your baby’s crib is right close to you so that when you put the baby in it, they will still feel your presence. Preferably, you should place the crib in your bedroom and that way, the baby will recognize your presence which will put him to sleep.

On the other hand, when the crib is close to you, it is possible to attend to the baby within the shortest time possible. Such include when he cries in the middle of the night where you have to check on him.

Comfort the baby

While taking the baby to sleep after he has fallen asleep in your arms is not recommended, you need to comfort him before putting him in the crib. You can cuddle the baby to stimulate sleep and then take him to bed before he sleeps on you. If he cannot still seem to find sleep, you may consider other comforting situations such as music.


Even though letting the baby sleep on their own may seem to mean to them, it is for their benefits. Eventually, the baby will develop good sleeping habits which essential for his emotional and physical welfare. You should hence consider having your baby sleep in a crib by considering the provided tips to facilitate the baby’s comfort in their sleep.