The Most
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Your Baby

Hello, I’m Lindsey Franca

Babywearing Expert & Head Educator

I foster a community of parents who love and cherish babies, motherhood, fatherhood, toddlers, children, teenagers, families. We are committed to teaching the safest humanly possible babywearing only! Best practice at all times.

We want every baby to be as safe as our own. We teach only the safest practices because we love children. Browse around and contact us with any questions you might have. We’d love to hear from other parents with a passion for keeping babies as safe and happy as humanly possible.

Effective & Proven Solutions for Wearing Babies and Toddlers

We cover a variety of topics ranging from how to do babywearing, choosing the proper babycarrier, to working with special needs children.

Our wearing focus is on optimal baby positioning. While we teach a lot of wrapping from beginning to advanced European wrapping tricks, we also cover hands-on the major baby carriers on the market.

Our instruction is based on the more abundant European babywearing research and education as well as the US knowledge base.

What we do

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Online Knowledge Base

We promote babywearing best practices by making all of our knowledge public on this site via our blog and select articles. Browse around!

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Face To Face

Safe babywearing is best taught by practical example. In select places around the world we organize and facilitate live babywearing workshops.

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24-hour Support

Since we work with international instructors and clientele we offer on-demand consultation packages that you can access no matter what time and timezone you are in.

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Babywearing Basics

For more info on good baby carriers, please visit Baby Carriers 101. Most parents interested in babywearing are familiar with the positive aspects of babywearing.

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baby being held safely

Babywearing Safety

Babywearing is SAFE! Carrying a baby close to your center of senses, you will be able to sense a baby’s needs immediately. To make sure

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babywearing research books

Babywearing Research

Babywearing doesn’t automatically equal safe babywearing. There is a safe babywearing which supports the developing hip and spine of the baby, the safe head position

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baby carrier

Baby Carriers 101

Since the western world started re-discovering the ancient art of babywearing, many creative people have created baby carriers. Some support the ergonomically correct position for

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